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Bonus Package – Traffic & Seo

Bonus #1 : YouTube Traffic Loophole

How to take s simple, easy to create video from zero to the top of Google in a matter of days, bringing in $2802 in just a month?

I am going to show you:

The super-simple tools for creating videos.
Why YouTube videos are less work.
The type of links you need to build to your YouTube video to get it to the top of Google.
The high traffic spot other than Google where your videos can rank high, and how to do it.


Bonus #2 : Unlimited Traffic Machine

3 steps instant traffic and profit system.Install your system with our special Trick so you can drive as much traffic as you want.Use any of our 2 instant profit options to monetize your system.Switch the traffic button on and watch your leads and sales to start growing in minutes.


Bonus #3 : Undercover Traffic Blueprint

Top secret of generating traffic without any skills.You can divert lots of traffic and make money with your affiliate links, adsense, CPA and more with no experience & no skills.I have generated thousands of targeted visitors in just 10 minutes of work.


Bonus #4 : Ultimate Traffic Monster

How to make up to $610 per day in 17 minutes flat using an underground, free traffic monster used by hollywood celebrities and fortune 500 companies.In this no fluff, straight-to-the-point guide filled with actionable content, I reveal the exact steps that I take to pull in massive amounts of traffic using this traffic monster.Note: His ‘completely untapped traffic monster’ is reddit by the way. I hate blind sales copies.


Bonus #5 : Tube Traffic Jacker

How to get 71 page 1 Google rankings in 1 week or less.How To find and download videos for free (legally).How To use these free videos to avoid the process of creating your own videos.How To upload these videos to back link to your last videos.How To find keyword sets to rank for.How To make unlimited unique versions of these videos.
How To create a video description that gets page 1 Google rankings.

Bonus #6 : Tube Traffic Alchemy

A simple and proven profit machine that raked in $503 in pure profit in less than 24 hours with no list, no subscribers and no authority.Get all the free targeted traffic that you want and absolutely dominate your niche.Watch huge commissions start going into your PayPal account.Simply follow the simple steps that we outline for you and get ready for a flood of sales and commissions.

Bonus #7 : Traffic Secrets 2016

What you absolutely must do in 2016 to grow your business online.

You will learn : How to get more leads & customers to your site today.How “Macro-Targeting” and “Micro-Targeting” changed everything.What Traffic Recycling is and why it’s so valuable for you.Traffic Retargeting, Conversion Outliers, and more.The impact of “Source Value Hierarchy” on your profit.23 Common & Uncommon Traffic-Getting Mistakes.And much, much more.

Bonus #8 : Endless Traffic Mastery

A comprehensive video training series that walks you through some of my most profitable traffic methods that allow me to pull in upwards of 50,000 targeted visitors per month and run multiple 6 figure yearly businesses.
How to drive absolutely free traffic if you’re on a budget and turn cold prospects into sales using my advanced persuasion strategies and nonchalant selling techniques.

Bonus #9 : Easy Traffic Magnet

The 1 hour per day free traffic system that stuffs $76+ into your Paypal account each day. In any niche.100% newbie friendly and very easy to set up.Work only 1 hour per day on this to make $70+ per day.Drive 1,000’s or targeted visitors to your website each and every day with this free traffic method.With free traffic 100% of the income that you make from it is profit.Free traffic can be just as profitable as paid traffic.

Bonus #10 : 24 Hour Traffic Machine

Little known traffic source generates top quality targeted traffic 24 hours a day on 100% autopilot.

You will learn:How to drive cheap targeted traffic to your offers and products 24 hours a day on complete auto-pilot.How to set up your first traffic campaign in the next 10 minutes.How to tweak your traffic campaigns for best results.A traffic method that you can turn on when ever you like with a push of a button to drive huge targeted traffic to your products and offers.

Bonus # 11 : Email Traffic Academy

How to harness the power of email traffic to generate leads, make sales and build a passionate responsive tribe.

You will discover:

How to use high-volume email marketing, even if you don’t have your own list.
Which niches and vertical markets work best for email marketing.
Why visitors from email marketing are more responsive than search, PPC, PPV, or any other traffic source.
Real-life results from Email Traffic Campaigns.
How to find totally untapped lists, regardless of your niche.

Bonus #12 : Cold Traffic Conversion Kit

A kit that helps you create sales letters, VSL’s, webinars, even youtube ads that follow a proven formula.This worksheet is the system and process that multi-million dollar companies use to ensure they get good promotions for their products every time.It keeps their employees to a specific formula proven to work time and time again.

Bonus #13 : Buyer Traffic Domination

How to generate $347 -$600/day with 100% buyer traffic.

You will learn:Turning your leads into passive recurring members.Overlooked method to turn your affiliate buyers into your own.Powerful $1 Buyer list method.Look at how to drive traffic to your offers and funnel.Case study on how I turn $630 into profits of $9377.95 and built a list of over 1000 buyers.And much more.

Bonus #14 : 80k Traffic Hacks

Accidental traffic source generates $22,266 in 7 days using only free traffic on complete autopilot.80k Traffic Hacks is a real-life case study giving you everything you need to easily generate 4-5 figures with both dirt-cheap and free traffic.

You will learn: How to effortlessly get a flood of sales using endless amounts of free traffic on autopilot.2 real world examples I used just last month to generate over $21,000 in revenue — everything revealed.The little-known secret to going from zero to 5,000 visitors per day.Behind-the-scenes look at the actual sales results.

Bonus #15 : Meme Traffic Monster

500 free clicks daily with a completely untapped method you have never seen before.

Meme Traffic Monster is a completely new, never before taught case study and step by step course showing how anyone can get traffic in any niche for free, using the power of memes.

Bonus #16 : Youtube Marketing Excellence

Discover How To Get Traffic With YouTube Even Faster And Improve Your Results… This Is The Fastest Way To Become A YouTube Traffic Expert!

Video marketing has the ability to grab attention and to help you establish authority in ways that no other form of marketing can approach; so it’s absolutely vital that you start leveraging this type of marketing in your strategy as soon as possible. In fact, video marketing is so powerful that it could very well be all that you need in order to get word out about your business.
Recent studies indicate that more than half (57%) of people have watched at least one video online at some point in their lives, while nearly one-fifth of people (19%) say they watch videos online every day. These numbers are rapidly growing as more people are using the Internet and social media every day.
As much as society loves the television, computers are gradually taking over the device. If you have a newer model television, all it takes is a USB cable to connect your TV to your computer. With a variety of online services and streaming websites out there, you can watch anything you want online, whether it’s your favorite show, new movies, or your local news cast.
As the Internet has advanced, audio and video files are replacing text and graphics. This extremely powerful medium is something many marketers can use to send their online businesses from the bottom to the top.

Bonus #17 : Dropshipping Dreams

The exact funnel I use from start to finish to get sales.
I’m going to show you the supplier I use, how I get traffic and once I have that traffic how I am able to get up to 1,000% ROI with it.
I will show you how to pick the perfect product, how to get sales with my proven never before seen sales funnel, then repeat it as many times as you like for more sales.
This is a proven dropshipping Sales Funnel that I have proven and tested 100%.


Bonus #18 : $100 a Day Food Frenzy

I’m going to show you a method never revealed showing how you you can make money from food online by doing something once a week for 30 minutes.
This will be 100% Free traffic.
Works anywhere in the world.
This is perfect for those of you who do not want to learn how to market, learn how to do SEO, that do not want to build a website or have to do anything crazy and technical.

Bonus #19 : The Newsletter Academy

The Simple 3-Step System Revealed

1. Drive targeted traffic to a simple squeeze page.
2. Offer that traffic a free gift to convert them into email subscribers.
3. Send those subscribers valuable content and offers.

By the time you’ve gone through all eight modules, you’ll have a fully functional email newsletter business up and running.

Bonus #20 : Affiliate Blogging Ninja

$383 in 8 days with part-time blogging business.
You will get step by step instructions on how to copy my blogging success.

You will learn:

Which blogging platform should you use.
How to add advanced features to your blog.
How to create content that people will want to read.
How to drive traffic to your blog.
How to ensure a steady and consistent stream of new posts with only 2 hours of work a month.

Bonus #21 : Optimized Ecommerce

How to took a struggling Shopify store & increased our profit from $28,851.10 to $117,573.67 in 63 days from the same amount of traffic.
The 24 optimization tweaks that resulted in a 124% increase in conversions and a 307% increase In profits.
These are the tweaks that have consistently out performed all of our other tests combined and are the go-to optimizations we now apply to all our businesses.


Bonus #22 : Blog Income Boost

Use these 7 strategies to grow your monthly blog income 100% of the time.

I’ll tell you what type of content is always worth writing for the highest return.
The #1 thing you can do on Pinterest for immediate positive impact to your bottom line.
A strategy for sending qualified traffic to high converting content.
How to use your monthly income results to decide what to work on next.
The mindset shift you must go through to start making more sales on your blog.


Bonus #23 : Commission Attractor

Copy this incredibly profitable system and easily transform mobile traffic info $1672 over and over again as many times as you want.
Let everyone else try those outdated formulas while you quietly drive tons of high quality traffic to your CPA offers and make easy online commissions.
I literally take you by the hand and tell you exactly how to put my unique, profitable method into practice.

Bonus #24 : Simple Article Formula

Step by step, how to generate a quality article in any niche, in 20- 45 minutes, even if you know nothing about the niche.

Publish these new articles on your blog
Sell your writing service on Fiverr for cash
Publish articles as a guest post and build traffic to your blog
Get paid to write articles for other bloggers or anyone who wants freelance writers
Create content for your emails and autoresponder
Write and sell your articles as PLR articles

Bonus #25 : Snap Money Method

Drive massive amounts of free traffic and make $187 per day working only 15 minutes per day.
This is a full blown money making system on Affiliate Marketing that you can just replicate and start making money as soon as today.
You need to set aside 30 minutes of work each day for this method to start working.

Bonus #26 : Traffic Improver

You are about to discover the traffic blueprint that stuffs $100+ into your Paypal account.
This is a tried and tested solution to passive income without any risk… smart marketers and even the most successful companies in the world have used this exact system to generate easy and consistent profits online.




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